Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia is known as the Kingdom of Wonder in terms of tourism. The country proudly presents its five magnificent locations for local and foreign tourists alike to explore. Phnom Penh Capital is famous for its continually urban development and as a contemporary administrative, commercial, and tourist hub where both modern and suburban style of Cambodia citizens. Siem Reap Province is well known as the candle of the Khmer civilization, which enriches our history and culture. Angkor Wat temple is the most prominent heritage of Cambodian history and is a must-see archeological site for both local and foreign tourists. Another notorious archeological attraction is the sacred site of Preah Vihear temple located in Preah Vihear province. Preah Vihear Temple was added on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list because of its “Outstanding Universal Value”. When it comes to the coastal zone, Cambodia’s Sihanoukville is highly praised as a natural attraction with one of the most beautiful, pristine white beaches, and pollution-free coastlines in the world. In addition, Koh Kong province is recognized for its stunning mangrove forest, scenic “Tatai Waterfall”, and ecotourism area where an abundant of wildlife is being carefully preserved. Being one of the rising-star regions in Southeast Asia, Cambodia offers more than just one type of holiday/trip to our visitors. Our country provides a wide variety of tourist activities ranging from going back to the ancient time at our natural world wonders, indulging in clean calm sea water and sunbathing on its pristine sandy beaches, snorkeling and swimming with friendly fishes in crystal blue water, trekking and kayaking through beautiful lush mangrove forests, as well as dining on boat trips along the mighty Mekong River and Tonle Sap lake.